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How to use a Sewing Machine: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you want to study to sew? do have a sewing machine but don’t understand how to use it? or Are you in search of the step-by-step tutorial on how to use a sewing machine? For those who do, this submit will stroll you thru right from the starting till the top. As we speak, in this publish, I’ll speak about every little thing wanted to get started with a stitching machine.

We’ll talk about the forms of a stitching machine, essential elements and how totally different elements of a stitching machine work, what are the Do’s & Don’t,  what are the essential ideas which might help you get began together with your first ever sewing venture in the present day.

Read this publish until the top, you’ll have a truthful concept about how a stitching machine works and how one can use it too.

What is a Sewing Machine?

Before you want to study to function any appliance, it is vital that you would understand what that equipment is all about and the way it works.

It isn’t the whole lot, some primary stuff concerning the equipment wouldn’t only assist understand totally different elements but in addition let you grow to be acquainted with it.

When it comes to a sewing machine, it is likely one of the commonest forms of appliances which we find in many homes as typically we’d like to repair torn or ripped jeans, shirt, clothes, luggage and so forth.

Although it’s a widespread appliance, we usually don’t know what a stitching machine is or I should say we don’t know the formal definition of a stitching machine.

In accordance to the Wikipedia

A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch material and different materials together with thread.

So a stitching machine is a machine or an equipment which is used to stitch collectively two totally different items of fabrics with the assistance of a thread.

How does Sewing Machine work?

The under video explains pretty nicely how a stitching machine works or how the stitches are shaped with the help of a stitching machine and the thread. The formation of a single sew is a few step course of which is repeated over and once more and we get a nice seam.

Here is how a single stitch is shaped.

  1. The needle (assuming needle threading is completed already) which has the thread passes via the material.
  2. When the needle punches the material with thread in it, the hook prolonged from the rotatory shuttle and takes the thread and move in such means that it creates a loop.
  3. Whereas the loop is created, bobbin which is positioned inside rotatory shuttle provides one other thread and locks the one coming from Needle.
  4. Then the needle moves up and tightens the thread to type a good stitch. The same process is repeated over and again and we get the material sewn together.

Get to know your Sewing Machine

Take a take a look at under picture to perceive totally different elements of a typical stitching machine. Though the fashionable stitching machines may have extra elements but these are the essential ones which everybody ought to know. Out of them, there are some actually essential elements which we’ll talk about under.

Image Credit: Wikipedia


The Needle is the smallest part of a sewing machine however an important one. The needle is hooked up with a needle bar with the help of a screw and it punctures the fabric on the time of stitching.

There are several types of sewing machine which is used for different type of materials. There’s the number given to each stitching machine based mostly on the material.

For example, in case you have to sew a thin material, you want a needle suitable for such material. Nevertheless, for thick material reminiscent of Canvas, Denim and even leather-based, you need a totally different needle.

In accordance to the American sizing system, the needle measurement varies from eight to 18 with eight being the finest and 18 the most important.

The overall rule concerning the stitching needle selection is, lighter the fabric, decrease number needle is best. In case you have to sew thick material, you’ll want a bigger number needle for a similar.

For example for chiffon, you will want 9 quantity sewing machine and for Canvas/Denim, you will have 16 quantity sewing machine.

Needle Bar

Needle bar is one thing, the needle is hooked up with. The needle bar helps to transfer the sewing machine up/down if you sew the fabric. The needle is hooked up with Needle bar with the assistance of a screw.

Metallic Needle Plate

Needle plate plays an essential position at the time is sewing mild or heavy material. This is something where you unfold the material for straightforward and cozy sewing expertise. It helps you manage your crafting challenge on the time of sewing.

Presser foot holds the material tight so that you simply get good and clean stitches. It also helps with pushing the material backward as you continue to get stitches. There are several varieties of the presser foot to serve totally different functions.

For instance, when you have to make a buttonhole, there’s a presser foot for the same. The presser foot could be modified fairly straightforward as nicely. Some stitching machines include a number of varieties of the presser foot as accessories.


The bobbin is yet one more essential element of a stitching machine because it provides thread from the underside wanted to make stitches.

Threading bobbin is fairly simple with some stitching machine as they arrive with straightforward bobbin winding system. It’s enclosed in a case referred to as shuttle and its the subsequent we’ve to talk about.

Bobbin case (Shuttle)

The shuttle or the bobbin case retains the bobbin rolling inside it and provide needed thread for making stitches.

Thread feed

The threading system of a stitching machine is necessary for stitching with out hassle. The thread before reaching to needle passes by way of numerous channels and one has to go sequentially.

If any channel is missed, chances are you’ll not get nice stitches, typically it might lead to the breaking of the thread as you sew.

Thread Pressure Settings

The optimum settings of thread rigidity must be executed for a stitching machine in any other case it’ll break the thread once in a while.

If the thread rigidity is just too low, you will notice the thread is released accessively which can end in uneven stitches, specifically the bottom one.

Nevertheless, if the thread pressure is excessive, you’ll notice the thread is breaking once in a while. Therefore, it turns into essential that an optimum thread rigidity is maintained.

Stitch size controller

The sew length controller enables you to set the size of the stitches. For a mechanical sewing machine, you will notice a huge rotatory dial is fastened on the entrance aspect of the sewing machine which may be rotated clock or anticlockwise to change the stitch length.

For a lighter material, its good to have smaller stitches nevertheless for the heavy materials resembling leather, greater stitch size is most popular.

Sew choose dial

One of many necessary options of a stitching machine is a variety of built-in stitches.

There are totally different low-end sewing machines which come with very much less built-in stitches to some high-end stitching machines resembling SINGER 9980 have up to 600 built-in stitches.

The mechanical stitching machine have the dial to change stitches nevertheless, the computerized sewing machines have touch panel for choosing stitches.

Reverse stitch lever

In a lot of the sewing machine which comes with reverse stitching function include a reverse stitch lever. It helps you reinforce the stitches in order that it doesn’t get ripped easily. It is rather helpful for material like leather-based which wants to be sewn tightly.

Stitching velocity Controller

Stitching velocity is controlled by a rotatory dial in a mechanical sewing machine. Nevertheless, the computerized sewing machines come with an LCD display display which can be utilized to management stitching velocity.

You simply have to tap the display to improve or decrease stitching velocity. Some high-end sewing machine reminiscent of SINGER 4423 is capable of sewing with a velocity of 1,100 stitches per minute.

On/ Off button

The on/off button allows you to sew the fabric with out utilizing a foot pedal. Simply press ON button and the sewing machine will begin electronically. To prime the machine, press the OFF button.

How to use a Sewing Machine

To get began together with your first stitching venture, be sure to thread the machine by following the guide got here with the sewing machine.

The instruction guide explains every single step needed to feed your sewing machine with thread. It also explains what all channels the thread ought to cross by way of.

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When you thread the machine and in addition the bobbin is threaded and positioned within the shuttle. You’re ready to start stitching.

Step:1– Pickup the fabric you want to stitch.

Step:2– Pull presser foot lever up (which is usually reverse to presser foot (on the again).

Step:three– Place the material under the presser foot the place you want to begin stitching from. Pull presser foot lever down so that the fabric is prepared to be sewn.

Step:four– The metallic plate has the guidelines given on it for straight stitch. Be sure to maintain the material consistent with the strains given on a metallic plate.

Step:5– As soon as every little thing is ready, press the pedal and the machine will begin making stitches and move the fabric backward. Modify the stitches velocity based mostly on how briskly/sluggish you need to sew.

Step:6– If you reach the top point and have to take a 90-degree flip, be sure the machine is stopped with the needle down (inside the fabric).

Then pull the presser ft lever up, rotate the fabric 90-degrees and push the lever down. Begin stitching straight again until you finish the top of the material.

That’s all!

What are the Greatest Sewing Machines for novices?

Since you’re reading this text, there are high possibilities that you’re a beginner and need to study to sew (though it’s all the time true). In case you do and prepared to purchase a stitching machine which is beginner pleasant, we’ve created a listing of one of the best sewing machines specially for freshmen.

We’re the specialists and have handpicked these stitching machines for many who want to get started with sewing stuff.

Take a take a look at our record.

Kinds of Sewing Machines

There are majorly three kinds of sewing machines that are presently being bought. It completely depends upon the selection of the individuals which sort of sewing machine they want.

While it will depend on the choice of the consumer, there might be a big difference within the worth of these sewing machines. Let’s see.

  • Mechanical Sewing Machine

That is the most typical sort of stitching machine for learners. Such sort of stitching machines has manually managed options that make it a bit less expensive than other varieties of sewing machine.

You will notice the large rotatory dials for selecting the stitches, to regulate the stitching velocity or to modify the width & size of the stitches. Such stitching machines are relatively heavier and larger in measurement usually.

  • ComputrisedSewing Machine

Such sort of stitching machines is probably the most superior sewing machines as they’ve a computerized system for accessing and controlling totally different features.

Corresponding to a computerized sewing machine may have an LCD touchscreen display on the front which exhibits the present stitches type, size/ width of the stitch and so on.

If you’d like to change the settings, you’ll have to faucet the button on the display.

They are somewhere middle of the computerized and mechanical sewing machines. They’ve the On/Off button to begin/ stop the machine. They can be computerized or the mechanical with those massive dials.

Among all, the computerized stitching machines are probably the most superior sewing machines and they’re futuristic as properly. Although, they’re comparatively costlier than other forms of sewing machines.

The computerized embroidery machines may be related with a pc by way of USB cable and the embroidery design information might be transferred to a machine’s built-in memory.

A few of them include embroidery card system as properly that which may be positioned in the slot given on the machine.

If anybody wants recommendation concerning the sewing machine mannequin they’re going to purchase or has some other query, get in contact with us by means of comment section or by means of the contact us web page. We’ll get again to the consumer as soon as attainable.