PS4 PRO Internal Hard Drive Upgrade – The Best Options

Talking about upgrading PS4 Professional inner Hard Drive (HDD), is definitely all about efficiency positive factors and additional space for storing. That’s why every savvy prioritizes changing PS4 Professional onerous drive over simply including an exterior storage answer. Keep up with studying for extra details and to seek out out about the most effective exhausting drive for PS4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 PRO, as its identify signifies, is the professional version of PS4—the preferred recreation console in historical past. Sony has executed virtually the whole lot to make its flagship recreation console the perfect available on the market when it comes to all features, particularly efficiency. For this sake, both CPU and GPU have been upgraded to excessive requirements. Additionally, the info bus switch was promoted to the third era of Serial-ATA (i.e. SATA 3.0).

Every part up to now sounds great till you get to know extra concerning the inner exhausting drive of PS4 Pro. It’s not value to be part of knowledgeable system at all. In truth, it’s a shame for a mighty recreation console to have that sort of storage system as considered one of its elements. Yes! PS4 PRO performs nicely and impressively general with its inventory exhausting drive. However considering the aim of being a “PRO”, this drive has been used within the fallacious place. You’ll be able to read more about that in our research on the specifications of PS4 Pro onerous drive.

As an enthusiast who appears for the very best attainable performance out of a gaming system, the inventory exhausting drive should change. Using a better drive that gives the performance will go well with the status of PS4 PRO.

In this comprehensive information you’ll study why it’s a must to upgrade the inventory onerous drive of PS4 PRO, what options are involved, what one of the best technique are to maximise the efficiency of PS4 PRO, and extra of invaluable info that may clarify the entire picture in your thoughts before making any step in this regard.

However first, let’s current our PS4 PRO HDD upgrade suggestions under earlier than we start this guide. That may assist everybody who doesn’t need to undergo the long textual content:

Best PS4 Professional Hard Drive Upgrades

Value it to say right here that the utmost capacity you possibly can upgrade PS4 Professional HDD to is 2tb only. That’s because larger capability onerous drives don’t match into the drive cage of PS4 Professional. As well as, there’s no knowledge financial institution answer out there for neither PS4 Pro nor PS4 Slim.

For that main cause, this text focuses solely on two arduous drive capacities—2tb (hottest) and 1tb. The 2tb HDD provides, beside the performance increase, double space for storing. While the 1tb HDD gained’t add any additional area to PS4 Professional, it does provides appealing performance scores to think about. As for other capacities, like 4tb and 6tb, we provide further options that make it easier to reach that amount of storage.

PS4 Pro 2tb HDD Options

Under we lay out the most effective 2tb exhausting drive options for PS4 PRO. Since we advocate here 2.5-inch onerous drives solely, this limit of capacity is simply provided by Seagate. Seagate continues to be creating mechanical arduous drives in 2.5″ type issue, whereas different HDD manufacturers abandoned this phase of business long time ago in favor of SSD. (Take a look at our PS4 Pro SSD Guide)

This capacity restrict is probably the most suitable for the overwhelming majority of PS4 PRO users. If we do a easy calculation and assume that every high-end recreation require 50gb of space for storing, then a 2tb of storage capability can deal with virtually 40 games. That’s just about sufficient until Sony releases PlayStation 5.

But for those who feel you need more room for some exceptional reasons, please considering adding an exterior HDD as nicely.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB

Look nowhere else in the event you’re critical about enhancing your gaming expertise with PS4 Pro. With Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD [ST2000LX001], you’ll get a 2tb of HDD space for storing, 8gb of SSD storage on the 2nd tier caching, and 128mb cache buffer as 1st tier caching, making this drive one of the best non-SSD 2.5-inch arduous drive ever in historical past. (Learn an in depth evaluate here)

Alternatively, you will get an entire improve package like “Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit” that features, along with the above drive, all the things you need for a seamless improve course of.

Extra Options

If, for any purpose, you don’t wish to opt for an SSHD, you’ll be able to go for a standard arduous drive just like the one laid out under.

It’s precisely the same drive as above with all options except that it doesn’t have a 2nd-tier SSD caching plus the guarantee is just 2 years.

Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD

After this level there’s no other drive we will advocate. We said already that all the 2tb capacity exhausting drives are manufactured by Seagate only, so different options in arms are just obsolete fashions like Seagate Cellular HDD and Seagate SpinPoint M9T.

PS4 Pro 4tb HDD Options

In the event you really feel that 2tb capability just isn’t enough on your exceptional wants, such as you share your PS4 PRO with different relations, each that has their very own favourite games, then you could need to upgrade PS4 Professional exhausting drive to a 4tb capability.

Within the base model of PS4, it is too straightforward to only exchange the interior exhausting drive with a three.5-inch 4tb arduous drive. That may occur with the assistance of a hard drive dock often known as a “data bank” which you attach to the physique of PS4. Unfortunately, this difficult drive dock is presently NOT suitable with the newer versions of PS4 (i.e. Slim and PRO). It appears also that there shall be no extra inner storage upgrade answer that supports 3.5-inch drives (learn our article: PS4 PRO & PS4 Slim Knowledge Bank—The Lacking Accent). Meaning in short that PS4 Pro exhausting drive can’t be replaced with larger than 2tb, as said earlier. But in any case, once an appropriate “data bank” out there, we will update this section with our advisable options.

Up to now, one of the simplest ways to accumulate a 4tb space for storing in your PS4 PRO is to think about the addition of an exterior arduous drive. As because the release of PS4 software update model 4.5, an exterior exhausting drive can turn out to be an entire extended storage answer for the interior onerous drive, on which you’ll be able to set up/launch your video games, and retailer/play your films—simply precisely as you do with the interior exhausting drive, besides that on it you’ll be able to neither install the operating system nor retailer the video games saves.

Upgrading PS4 PRO Hard Drive to 4tb

As a way to acquire a 4tb storage capacity for PS4 PRO, there are a couple of options available that we’ve mentioned in our article: Best 5 Strategies to Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive.

What we advocate for the overwhelming majority of customers is to improve the interior exhausting drive with Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD, and get a 2tb external arduous drive like Seagate Backup Plus 2tb.

Seagate Backup Plus 2tb

That approach, for around $150, you will get a fantastic 4tb storage answer for PS4 PRO, when it comes to worth and efficiency. In any other case, if you’d like more choices to hit that focus on, keep in mind to read our article: Best 5 Methods to Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive.

PS4 Pro 6tb HDD Options

We don’t have a lot to say concerning the 6tb storage answer for PS4 PRO, because the identical factor said about 4tb applies here. Repeatedly speaking, at present, PS4 Professional arduous drive can’t increase to larger than 2tb. We’ve got preserved this section for a future replace as soon as an appropriate “data bank” is released.

To obtain a 6tb storage capability for PS4 PRO, we advocate replacing the stock arduous drive with Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD and add a 4tb external arduous drive as an extended storage. We advocate right here Seagate Backup Plus 4tb.

Seagate Backup Plus 4tb

If, for any purpose, you’re not proud of this technique, you possibly can take a look at alternate methods discussed in our article: Best 5 Strategies to Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive.

Causes for Upgrade

There are a number of causes that justify, or better say promote, changing PS4 Pro onerous drive with a more moderen arduous drive, that are:

  1. The stock exhausting drive is previous and sluggish. It was manufactured in 2011 with obsolete storage applied sciences and comes with solely 8mb cache buffer measurement (Read extra about that here). And with a modern arduous drive, like Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD, you get some great benefits of new applied sciences, bigger cache buffer, and even more reliability alongside 3 yr warranty.
  2. Your games and films will load quicker, especially with an SSD (Learn extra on PS4 Professional SSD improve). I know an SSD is sort of costly, so go to its various: an SSHD, that includes a compromise between the velocity of SSD and capacity of HDD.
  3. You might have the prospect to double PS4 system storage. With a 2tb inner exhausting drive improve, you’ll have extra rooms on your new video games and films, so that you’ll not have to release your onerous drive by deleting previous information that you simply love. The benefits appears principally in shared consoles
  4. Trendy exhausting drives, particularly SSDs, boast of great reliability and sturdiness. You won’t remember, though, that many customers complained of PS4 onerous drive failure, and this is expected anyway in previous exhausting drives like the one crammed inside PS4 Professional. So, by getting a brand new trendy exhausting drive, you reduce this risk to the lowest degree.

Actually, there’s an enormous development to upgrade PS4 Professional arduous drive, primarily for one of the above causes or even all. So, when you’ve got the enough price range, top-of-the-line PS4 Pro hacks you can do is to exchange its HDD with a more highly effective one.

Word that we’ve revealed an article on the 5 greatest strategies to broaden PS4 storage. It’s really helpful that you’ve a glance on it before you make your ultimate determination.

Varieties of Storage Gadget Upgrade

There are three varieties of storage units that match for PS4 Professional arduous drive alternative, each comes with its personal execs and cons.

  1. Classical Hard Disk Drive (HDD). It’s just the same sort because the inventory PS4 Pro exhausting drive. The main advantage of one of these storage system is that you’ll get an enormous storage capacity for an inexpensive worth. As for the disadvantage, you gained’t discover any real enchancment in system efficiency in comparison with the inventory arduous drive, as the efficiency increase shall be marginal.
  2. Strong State Drive (SSD). When it comes to performance, that is the perfect exhausting drive alternative for PS4 Professional in particular. Because PS4 Pro is made to be knowledgeable console, and it’s outfitted with SATA III interface to take probably the most of super fast storage units like SSDs (Read more about that on our PS4 Pro SSD Upgrade Information).As for the primary drawback, it’s the excessive worth in comparison with different storage units that the majority users can’t afford. That’s the reason we choose upgrading PS4 Professional onerous drive with the cheaper SSHD.
  3. Strong State Hybrid Drive (SSHD). It includes a good compromise between performance, capability and worth. It’s the preferred PS4 Pro HDD improve choice, because it gives a very good efficiency increase alongside a capacious space for storing (up to 2tb), all of that in an inexpensive worth that is reasonably priced by all kinds of users (Often the difference in worth between SSHD and HDD is $10-$15 solely). The principal drawback of this drive is that until the game is cached within the drive’s caching system, it operates identical to a classical exhausting drive. (Notice that the game needs to launch at the least 5 occasions in order for the caching system to study that it’s value for caching. Learn extra about that on our Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD evaluate).

That’s it. The major issue that determines your selection is YOUR BUDGET. Just don’t overstress your self to buy an SSD in case your price range is restricted. Just get an SSHD and save the cash for getting new equipment in your PS4 Professional recreation console.

Internal or Exterior Storage

You won’t remember that it’s potential now to add an exterior storage gadget to your PS4 Pro that works as an extension to the primary system storage, that it can be used for putting in and operating games on it. This news has impressed a lot of customers who have been intensely waiting for it a long time. And although it options the simplest storage enlargement technique for PS4 system storage, it has its own drawbacks which are value your attention (You’ll be able to read extra on that in the PS4 Professional External Hard Drive Information).

Just briefly talking, in case you are wanting ONLY for storage enlargement, and the performance optimization is a minor challenge to you, then go for this technique. Although you gained’t lose any efficiency points, you’ll certainly not get any exceptional increase. But in addition keep in mind that one of the simplest ways to get storage with performance scores is to upgrade PS4 Pro arduous drive.

The right way to Upgrade PS4 PRO HDD

PS4 PRO, identical to all other model of PS4, permits an easy upgrade course of for the interior onerous drive, so long as the brand new inner arduous drive conforms to the HDD upgrade compatibility requirements and you’ve got the best gear.

upgrade PS4 PRO internal hard drive

What You Need Foremost

It’s value to start out with figuring out the specs of the inventory onerous drive of PS4 PRO, so as to comprehend what benefits you’ll achieve once you improve to a better drive.

Now, before going by way of the improve process, you’ll need to organize the following issues:

  1. Suitable Internal Hard drive. Whether it’s a classical HDD, an SSHD and even an SSD, so long as it goes with the PS4 PRO storage upgrade requirements.
  2. Exterior Storage Gadget. That’s to use for reinstalling the working system on the new drive first, and secondly for backing up the inventory exhausting drive’s contents (if there’s one thing you don’t want to lose during this course of). If the stock arduous drive is empty otherwise you don’t have information you care for, it’s enough to get a USB Flash Drive, only for the sake of reinstalling the working system. In any other case, a big external arduous drive is obligatory right here.
  3. Suitable Screwdriver for PS4 PRO. That helps to open the safety screws of the onerous drive. We advocate E.Sturdy T8 T6 T10 Screwdriver Set.

It’s essential to note that with a view to reinstall the operating system of PS4 PRO, that you must obtain the FULL PS4 System Software (is available in virtually 877mb file measurement), not just the update patch (comes virtually in 325mb file measurement).

To download the full-sized System Software program click right here.

Compatibility Requirements

Any inner storage gadget can’t take the place of PS4 PRO inventory onerous drive until it follows the compatibility requirements which are:

  • Interface: Serial-ATA (rev. 2 and above). Different interfaces are usually not accepted.
  • Type factor: 2.5-inch. Smaller (1.eight″) and larger (three.5″) type elements will not be accepted into the drive bay, although there’s a workaround already for that.
  • Z-Peak (mm): Most 9.5 (Thicker drives are too massive for the drive bay to simply accept. You’ll need a further gear to resolve this problem).

That’s all. Different non-physical specs are usually not thought-about.

Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

Once all the things is ready with you, watch the next movies that takes you step-by-step by way of the whole strategy of upgrade:

That’s it and also you’re executed. Now you possibly can take pleasure in a bigger capability and a better velocity from the brand new arduous drive of PS4 PRO.

However, there’s a query we really feel compelled to answer, which is:

Since PS4 PRO system allows the addition of an external exhausting drive on which we will install and play our video games, so what’s the need for the interior onerous drive alternative within the first place?

Nicely, the reply is straightforward. It’s to increase the general efficiency of PS4 PRO. That’s as a result of the operating system can’t set up externally, and you need to cope with the interior storage system in all instances. So rushing up the performance of the operating system does noticeably enhance the gaming expertise.

In our article PS4 PRO Storage Upgrade—The Most Complete Guide we have now compared an inner onerous drive improve with an external arduous drive addition, and we concluded that, for probably the most performance achieve, it’s better to make a mixture between the interior and external storage units you decide on your PS4 PRO, simply exactly the identical as we’ve really helpful for a 4tb and 6tb storage options within the previous sections above.


Upgrading the interior inventory arduous drive of PS4 PRO can benefit two categories of customers. The first class consists of those who seek efficiency increase for their recreation console beside the storage enlargement. The second category consists of customers who need to hold the video games and their saves in-house inside the similar drive, or they need the minimal use of wires and units with their recreation console.

No matter your causes are for changing the inventory exhausting drive of PS4 PRO, it’s definitely a great choice to go together with when it comes to performance, capacity and worth.